General terms and conditions

Unless expressly confirmed in writing by us, all our contracts are subject to these terms and conditions, with only those of the co-contracting party.
By the mere fact of his order, the contracting partner accepts these terms and conditions of sale and waives his own terms and conditions.


Quotations – confirmations – orders and changes – cancellation:
Any order submitted and signed by the customer commits him. We reserve the right to change or withdraw our offer at any time, provided it has not been accepted by the contracting partner. All orders and changes sent to our company directly or through the actions of our sellers are only binding on us from the date of their acceptance. All technical information provided by us is the result of our experience and current knowledge of the subject matter covered. They are in no way binding, even if there are rights of third parties. With every order, every customer is obliged to state the use for which the products ordered from us are intended, which conditions the products must withstand, as well as in which environment they will be located, to indicate any standards that are requested, such as the chemical, mechanical and temperature resistances. The customer is in any case obliged to take preliminary tests. Pieces manufactured by the consumer can in no way compromise our responsibility. In the event of cancellation of the order by the contracting partner, he will owe a fixed compensation of 30% of the value of the order.


Coincidence and force majeure:
Are contractually equated with force majeure and may cause us to cancel or suspend our obligations, without recourse by the buyer, events affecting the production, warehousing, commercialization, supply or transportation of our products, as well as fire, flood , breakage of machines, strikes in whole or in part, administrative decisions, acts of third parties, and any event that would delay, prevent or make economically excessive the performance of our commitments.


Deliveries – term – risk – transport:
Our deliveries are made according to the available goods. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the delivery dates and times are given for information only and are not binding on us. Delay cannot constitute a ground for the buyer to cancel the purchase/sale, to refuse the goods or to claim compensation or a credit note. Subject to the prior and express agreement of the customer, the risks with regard to the goods and those inherent in transport are transferred to the buyer from the delivery of the goods, which takes place at the time of their delivery in our factories or warehouses. For deliveries that do not exceed the value of € 1000, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer.


Under penalty of forfeiture, any complaint from the customer regarding the shipped or delivered products must be sent by registered letter with a receipt to our registered office at the latest within three days following receipt of the goods. The customer is solely responsible for the choices, destination and conditions of use of the delivered products; If a complaint, formulated within the term, is declared well-founded, our obligations will be limited to the free replacement or the free repair of the delivered goods or the defective parts, without us being obliged to pay any compensation for any reason whatsoever.
If the buyer has not checked the quantity and quality of the goods, in particular with regard to their specificity, within the aforementioned period, or, if he has nevertheless done so, has used or transferred the goods, the seller will not may be held liable for damages resulting from such use.


Retention of title:
The seller retains title to the goods sold until actual payment of the full price in principal and accessories. If, notwithstanding this stipulation, the customer processes the product, our company remains the owner of the processed product in proportion to its contribution. If the customer resells the products supplied by our company, our company remains the owner of the resale price up to the amount owed. Under no circumstances may the buyer dispose of the goods that have not been paid in full: in particular, he may not pledge them or transfer ownership to third parties.


Price – payment methods:
The prices are determined exclusive of tax; Their nature (fixed or revisable) and their amount are further specified.

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