Privacy policy for Polyba BV

This privacy policy was last edited on 14 November 2021

Safeguarding Privacy
Ensuring the privacy of visitors to is an important task for us. We also do our very best to keep your private information really private. That is why we describe in our privacy policy what information we collect and how we use this information.

Who are we?
Polyba BV
Company number: 0775.531.034

By using the information and services on, you agree to our privacy policy and the conditions we have included herein.

If you would like to receive more information, or if you have questions about the privacy policy of Polyba BV and specifically, you can contact us by e-mail.
Our e-mail address is

What data is involved?
When you contact us, for example by e-mail, telephone or via the contact form on our website, your data (telephone number, postal address, e-mail address) and the information you provide us will be collected by us.

We also need information from you because of the contractual agreements between you and Polyba, such as your purchase of a service, product or your right to warranty. This is the case with all purchases via our website, mail or correspondence.

Monitoring visitor behaviour uses various techniques to keep track of who visits the website, how this visitor behaves on the website and which pages are visited. This is a common way of working for websites because it provides information that contributes to the quality of the user experience. The information that we register via cookies consists of, among other things, IP addresses, the type of browser and the web pages visited.

We also monitor where visitors first visit the website and from which page they leave. We keep this information anonymously and is not linked to other personal information.

Use of cookies places cookies with visitors. We do this to collect information about the pages that users visit on our website, to keep track of how often visitors come back and to see which pages are doing well on the website. We also keep track of what information the browser shares.

Disable cookies
You can choose to disable cookies. You do this by using the options of your browser. You will find more information about these options on the website of the provider of your browser.

How long is data kept?
Your personal data will be kept for as long as necessary for the performance of the service. Your billing data will be kept for 7 years as required by law.

What are your rights?
In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you have the following rights with regard to your personal data: right to withdraw your consent, right to access and/or copy, right to adjustment or rectification, right to erasure or to be forgotten, right to object and right on portability.

You can simply exercise these rights by contacting Polyba. This can be done in writing by e-mail You will be contacted by returnee within a period of one month.

Exercising your rights is free of charge, unless your request is manifestly unfounded and/or excessive. In the latter case, administrative costs may be charged or it may be decided not to comply with your request after notification of the reason(s) for refusal of your request.

Will your data be shared with third parties?
Your personal data will only be shared with third parties in the context of the activities of Polyba BV. For example, we have to rely on a number of service providers in the context of providing our services, for example a software supplier, accountant, etc. In addition, it is also possible that your personal data is shared as a result of legal obligations.

However, your personal data will never be shared with third parties outside this framework, such as for marketing or commercial purposes.

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