Polyester laminating resin

Polyester laminating resin

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Product description

Looking to buy a polyester laminating resin? This quality orthophtalic resin is a popular general use resin used in various products and industries.
If you want to make a body panel for a car, the base of your pond or swimming pool than this laminating resin will be a good start.

the laminating resin is easy to use and has an activation indicator (blueish color) to indicate that the polyester resin has been mixed with a hardener at which point it will become a light white/yellow in color.

The excellent mechanical properties of the will ensure strong polyester laminate parts when used in combination with our assortment of glassfiber reinforcement materials such as the fiberglass chopped strand mats (CSM).

Combine this resin with following products to complete your laminate:

  • A light to medium weight 225, 300 or 450 g/m² chopped strand mat
  • MEKP hardener 2%
    • Can be 1.5% up to 3% depending on the temperature
  • Additionally it is possible to add a polyester pigment paste to the laminating resin to help avoid light shining through your part.
  • Can be combined with our gelcoat or topcoat to protect your polyester laminate from various conditions and to add a splash of color.

Want to know how to work safely with our polyester laminating resin? Make sure to read our safety guide here.


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