3M™ Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA2P3 R D Filters, 4255+

3M™ Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA2P3 R D Filters, 4255+

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Effective and comfortable protection against organic vapour and hazardous particulates.

Product description

Get effective, easy-to-use and fully-assembled breathing protection with 3M™ Maintenance Free Half Mask 4255+, with a newly enhanced valve assembly which helps to reduce exhalation breathing resistance for improved breathing comfort. Our respirator has a textured face seal that’s soft, non-allergenic and silicone free, and provides FFA2P3 R D protection against a range of organic gases and vapours, and combination particulate hazards. The lightweight, well-balanced design features a centrally-positioned exhalation valve that helps reduce heat and moisture build up, helping you to stay comfortable in hot and humid conditions. The integrated cartridge and filters are maintenance free; simply use until your change-out schedule indicates a replacement is needed or when the filters are full, and then discard. An adjustable head cradle helps fit to a broad range of head shapes and sizes, and the neck straps are easy to fasten. The low-profile design won’t hinder your peripheral vision, and the two large, bonded-carbon filters provide low breathing resistance. FFA2P3 R D protects against organic vapours with a boiling point greater than 65 °C, up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or 5000 ppm (whichever is lower), and 20 x WEL for particulates. Includes a resealable bag for hygienic storage and transportation.


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